Rebels By Bus

Slow Travel With Low Carbon Footprint

*Theler Wetlands in Belfair, Mason County

How to be a Rebel by Bus Field Trip
Theler Wetlands, Belfair, Mason County
April 23, 2013

• Depart from Harrison and Kenyon, West Olympia at 8:50-ish am
Mason Transit Bus, Route 6
Arrive at Shelton Civic Center (5th and Cota) at 9:45-ish am
Adult fare: $1.50 Senior Fare: 50 cents

• Depart from Shelton Civic Center at 10:00 am
Mason Transit Bus, Route 2 (Highway 106 through Union, along Hood Canal)
Arrive at Bill Hunter Park, by Theler Wetlands, Belfair at 11:15 am

• Sack Lunch and walking at Theler Wetlands

• Leave Theler Wetlands (bus stop in front of the Theler Center) at 1:10 pm
Mason Transit Bus, Route 1 (Highway 3 through Allyn along Case Inlet)
Arrive at Shelton Civic Center at 2:05 pm

• Leave Shelton Civic Center at either
o 2:40 pm (arriving in West Olympia at 3:20 pm) OR
o 3:40 pm (arriving in West Olympia at 4:20 pm)
o Buses also leave at 4:40, 5:40 and 6:45
Mason Transit Bus, Route 6
Adult Fare: $1.50 Senior Fare: 50 cents

Ideas of things to do in Shelton:

• Pie and coffee at Nita’s Café, 325 W. Railroad Avenue
• Latte’ and book browsing at Sage Bookstore, 116 W. Railroad Avenue
• Visit Mason County Historical Museum on the corner of 5th Street and Railroad
• Take a historic walk through Shelton; maps at Historical museum or Caboose
• Visitor’s Center in Red Caboose on Railroad Avenue
• Murals throughout town
• Dinner at Xinh’s Clam and Oyster House, 221 W. Railroad Avenue

Mason Transit phone: 427-5033

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