Rebels By Bus

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*Queen Anne Hill, Seattle

Rebel by Bus Adventure

Queen Anne Hill, Seattle

September 17, 2014


  • Depart from Intercity Transit Martin Way Park and Ride at 9:20 am

Intercity Transit Bus 605

Arrive at Highway 512 Park and Ride (in Lakewood) at 9:50 am

Adult fare:  $3.00     RRFP*:  $1.25


  • Depart from Highway 512 Park and Ride at 10:08 am

Sound Transit Bus 594

Arrive in Seattle, at 4th and Pike (by Westlake Mall) at 11:25 am

Adult fare:  $3.50         RRFP: $1.50


  • Group Decision:  Lunch on your own in Westlake Mall Food Court (top floor) or wait until we get to the Seattle Center’s food court?


  • Depart from Westlake Mall, 4th floor on the Monorail.

One way Adult fare: $2.25      Age 65+: $1.00


  • The Gates Visitor Center is free. Meet in main lobby, by front door, at _____.


  • Depart from 5th and Broad, Metro Route 3 at 1:22 or 1:52

Arrive at Queen Avenue North and Boston at 1:32 or 2:02

Adult fare:  $2.25    RRFP: 75 cents


Places to see and things to do on Queen Anne Hill:

  • Queen Anne Books – 1811 Queen Anne Avenue North (at Blaine)
  • Nancy’s Sewing Basket – 2221 Queen Anne Ave. N. (between Boston and McGraw)
  • Molly Moon’s Ice Cream – 321 Galer St.
  • Le Reve’ French Bakery – 1805 Queen Ave. N. (2 blocks downhill from Boston)
  • Marshall Park and Betty Bowen Garden – 7th Ave. W. and Highland Drive
  • Look for the “Queen Anne Interactive Walking Map” in stores


  • Depart from Queen Avenue North at Galer, Metro Bus 2 at 3:53 or 4:13 pm

Arrive at 3rd and Lenora at 4:05 or 4:25

Adult fare:  $2.50     RRFP: 75 cents


  • Depart from Lenora at 4th Avenue at 4:30 pm, Sound Transit 592

Arrive at Highway 512 Park and Ride at 5:39 pm

Adult fare:  $3.50   RRFP: $1.50


  • Depart Highway 512 Park and Ride at 5:55 pm

Arrive at Martin Way Park and Ride at 6:25 pm

Adult fare:  $3.00      RRFP: $1.25

*RRFP = Regional Reduced Fare Permit, for age 65 and older – get at downtown Olympia Transit Center, costs $3.  Details in Intercity Transit Schedule.  Fares are half price or less than adult fare.

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