Rebels By Bus

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*Fran’s Chocolate and Georgetown, Seattle

Rebel by Bus Adventure

Fran’s Chocolate, Georgetown, Seattle

April 22, 2015


Northbound Bus:

    Depart from Martin Way Park and Ride at 9:20 am, Intercity Transit Bus 605
    Adult fare: $3.00     RRFP*: $1.25

    • Arrive at Highway 512 Park and Ride (in Lakewood) at 9:50
    • Depart from Highway 512 Park and Ride at 9:55 am, Sound Transit Bus 594Adult Fare: $3.50         RRFP: $1.50
    • Arrive in Seattle on 4th and Jackson at 11:06 am
  • Depart from International Station, Bay C, at 11:35 am, Metro Route 106Adult Fare: $2.50   RRFP: $1.00 centsWhile in Georgetown:
    • Visit Fran’s chocolate factory, production viewing area until 1 pm. Expresso and sipping chocolate, as well as chocolate products to take home.
    • Restaurant ideas:
      • Fonda La Catrina (across from Fran’s)
      • Square Knot (south of Fran’s) – 50’s style diner
      • Hitchcock Deli (specialty cured meats; same as Bainbridge Island)
      • Fran’s staff has recommendations :-0
    • See area map for other stores and things to see
    • Return trip:
  • Arrive on Airport Way South at Doris St. at 11:50 am
  • Depart Airport Way South at Doris St. at 3:30 pm, Metro Route 106
  • Adult Fare: $2.75         RRFP: $1.00 cents
  • Arrive at 4th and Jackson St. at 3:55 pm
  • Depart Seattle at Sounder (Amtrak) Station at 4:32 pm
  • Adult Fare: $4.75   RRFP: $2.25
  • (Light Link to Union Station on Pacific Avenue)
  • Arrive at Tacoma Dome Station at 5:24 pm
  • Depart Pacific Avenue at Union at 5:55 pm
  • Intercity Transit 605

Arrive at Martin Way Park and Ride at 6:45 pm

Adult Fare:  $3.00     RRFP: $1.25


Bus riding tidbits:

  • *RRFP = Regional Reduced Fare Permit, for age 65 and older – get at downtown Olympia Transit Center, costs $3. Details at


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