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*City of Snohomish

Rebel by Bus Adventure

City of Snohomish

May 12, 2014


Northbound Trip:

  • Depart from Martin Way Park and Ride at 7:55 am

Intercity Transit Bus 605

Arrive at Highway 512 Park and Ride (in Lakewood) at 8:25 am

Adult fare:  $3.00     RRFP*:  $1.25


  • Depart from Highway 512 Park and Ride at 8:38 am

Sound Transit Bus 594

Arrive in Seattle at 4th and Jackson at 9:49 am (Restroom break at Union Station)

Adult Fare:  $3.50         RRFP: $1.50


  • Depart at 4th Avenue South and Jackson Street at 10:23 am

Sound Transit Bus 512

Arrive at Everett Station at Bay A4 at 11:25 am

Adult Fare:  $3.50   RRFP: $1.50

  • Depart from Everett Station Bay B4 at 11:46 am

Snohomish Community Transit Route 275 (to Monroe)

Arrive at Second and Avenue A, Snohomish, by Napa auto parts, at 12:05 pm

Adult Fare:  $2.00    RRFP: $1.00


Things to do in Snohomish:

Places to eat:  Lots to choose from; see Mary’s.  Some ideas:

  • The Crepe Escape and coffee house – 110 Cedar Avenue
  • Grilla Bites – organic, mostly vegetarian – 1031 First Street
  • The Cabbage Patch Restaurant – 111 Avenue A
  • First and Union – bakery and café, at 1st and Union


Shops to browse:  See Mary’s folder for map.  Some ideas:

  • Star Center Antique Mall – 3 floors of antiques – 829 2nd Avenue
  • Speckled Hen Country Store – 915 1st Street
  • Lots of antique/French country shops on 1st Street


Riverfront walk – short paved walk between the foot of Maple Street and Avenue D


Historic homes self-guided walking tour – Mary has map, or pick one up at the Visitor Information center at 1301 First Street


Firehouse Center – 127 Avenue A







Southbound Trip:

  • Depart from Second Street and Avenue A at 3:09 pm

Snohomish Community Transit Route 275 (to Everett)

Arrive at Everett at 3:34 pm, Bay B-3

Adult Fare:  $2.00     RRFP:  $1.00


  • Depart Everett Station, Bay C1at 3:45 pm

Sound Transit Route 512

Arrive at 5th and Jackson, Seattle at 4:56 pm

Adult Fare:  $3.50    RRFP: $1.50


  • Depart from King Street Station, Sounder platform, at 5:12 pm (or at 5:42)

Sounder Train, Route 1515

Arrive at Lakewood Station at 6:25 pm (or 6:55)

Adult Fare:  $5.25   RRFP: $2.50


  • Depart Lakewood Station (at Pacific Highway South) at 6:37 pm (or 7:07)

Intercity Transit Bus 605

Arrive at Martin Way Park and Ride at 7:00 pm (or 7:30)

Adult Fare:   $3.00    RRFP:  $1.25







*RRFP = Regional Reduced Fare Permit, for age 65 and older – get at downtown Olympia Transit Center, costs $3.  Details in Intercity Transit Schedule.


Bus riding tidbits:

  • Pay exact fare when boarding bus
  • Consider getting an ORCA card, which is an e-purse (


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