Rebels By Bus

Slow Travel With Low Carbon Footprint

*Alderbrook Inn and Lady Alderbrook

How to be a Rebel by Bus Field Trip

Lady Alderbrook on Hood Canal

Union in Mason County

 August 11, 2014


  • Depart from Olympia Transit Center, 11:35 am

Mason Transit Bus, Route 6

Arrive at Shelton Civic Center (5th and Cota) at 12:25 am

Adult fare:  $1.50     Senior Fare:  50 cents


  • Depart from Shelton Civic Center at 12:40 pm

Mason Transit Bus, Route 2 (Highway 106 through Union, along Hood Canal)

Arrive at Union at 1:10 pm



  • Eat brown bag lunch at Alderbrook Inn, chairs on lawn facing Hood Canal


  • Board Lady Alderbrook at about 1:30  – Tour 2:00 – 3:30 pm


  • Depart Alderbrook Inn at 3:45 pm, via Mason Transit Route 2

Arrive at Shelton Civic Center at 4:25 pm



  • Leave Shelton Civic Center at 4:40 pm,

Mason Transit Bus, Route 6

Arrive at Olympia Transit Center at 5:35 pm

Adult Fare: $1.50     Senior Fare: 50 cents





Mason Transit phone:  427-5033

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