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*About Rebels By Bus

Global warming, world-wide financial downfall, volatile stock market, all-time high gas prices, increasing unemployment… enough to make anyone cringe and want to hibernate until things get better.

Read on… you don’t need to hibernate. Maybe you should just SLOW down?

SLOW cooking is popular once again. Lower cost meat turns into tender mouth-watering delights in the crock pot. The satisfaction of smelling your dinner cooking during the day (or better yet, as you come home after a busy day) is marvelous. And think of the money you save…

Now, transfer the goodness of SLOW cooking to travel. Rebels by Bus advocates for and inspires you to use public transportation in the greater Puget Sound area. Taking the bus is not only easy, it’s fun and costs much less than driving your vehicle. According to the National Safety Council, bus travel is 25 times safer than car travel. And how about those parking costs!

Traveling on the bus is also a bit of a rebellion – as if by getting out of our cars, we are declaring our independence from oil and the culture that says we must rush, rush, rush around. The bus rides themselves are also a wonderful way to get a different perspective about life and the benefits of going more slowly. It is also a gentle reminder that people are helpful and friendly no matter where you go.

For some, traveling by bus is the way they get back and forth to work; they can get a lot of reading or knitting done. For others, traveling by bus is recreation and adventure. Like any adventure, there is the joy of figuring things out and making all the right connections. There is also a sense of resiliency when things do not go quite as planned and you have to come up with Plan B. It is a great opportunity to practice letting go of those things you cannot control.

Even in these tumultuous times, there are grand and wonderful adventures that await. The posts in Rebels by Bus are not meant to be a tour guide of the greater Puget Sound area but provide ideas and stories that inspire you to get on that bus. Once you realize how easily you can travel to so many places without spending a lot of money, it will open up a whole new realm of fun!

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  • Samantha Evans says:

    Hi. I came across your website while searching on how I can adventure western Washington more by bus. I don’t own a vehicle and I rely on public transportation. Even after looking over your webpage I’m still not sure how everything works and how to get involved. More in depth information would be great. I live in Olympia and would love to know of any opportunities available to me through any future trips of yours.


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