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*Trip Planning Resources

Trip planning resources:

There are several helpful websites that will assist in your trip planning.  As in most websites, each of the following examples have links to other related information sources and tools.

Google Maps:

Did you know that our favorite search-engine Google has a Map feature?  AND that you can select “public transportation” as the mode of wherever you are going?  When you open the map page, go to “get directions” (left side of page).  Write in the addresses of where you are coming from, and where you want to go (A and B).  Choose “public transportation” as mode (also has “car” and “walking” as options).  Try it!

Washington State Department of Transportation:

The Washington “DOT” has a well developed website dedicated to and encourages residents to use public transportation.  The site also has many resources for commuters (such as the clever “reinvent your commute”). For our purposes, the page which has links to ALL transit systems in Washington State and a list of park and ride lots is very helpful.

Regional Transit Map Book:

Sound Transit, serving the Snohomish, King, and Pierce region has a downloadable map of their transit system.  Click on the topic “Transportation” in the left hand column.  The website includes many different maps, including one for bikers.  The “regional transit map” can be found at:


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