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New adventures in Seattle

The weather, once again, cooperated for our latest adventure.  In early December Gail and I decided to explore new areas and destinations in Seattle.  From the Lakewood Station we arrived in Seattle (4th and Union) about 10:15 am.  We walked two blocks to Pike Street (between 3rd and 4th) to catch bus 10.  This bus comes along every 10 minutes, so we didn’t wait long.  The bus wove up and over Capital Hill, through the Broadway intersection, and to where we got off at 10th Avenue.  Our first destination:  the newly re-located Elliott Bay Book Company, located at 1521 10th Avenue.    Read the rest of this entry »

A date with Picasso…

I took my sister and brother-in-law (from Nova Scotia) on an RBB adventure during their recent visit.  Anthony, RBB’s second guest blogger, wrote this post… 


Day out in Seattle

A slight chill in the air at 8:15 a.m., as the three of us waited under the brilliant LED lights to board the 8:30 bus at the Lakewood Station terminal. But the sky was brightening fifteen minutes later, and as the bus swung on to the highway we could see the clouds just lifting over the Cascades.

            As we took the off-ramp into Tacoma there were great views of the Tacoma Dome and then, to our right, the Museum of Glass. Even with many new passengers getting on in Tacoma, the bus was only two-thirds full. And it did feel good to pass all those gas stations without once having to think about stopping for gas.

            It was a smooth ride up I-5 in the bus lane, sweeping past hundreds of SUVs and single-occupant sedans in the slow-moving lanes. At 9:35 we were taking the off-ramp to the Busway, running alongside the train tracks. Read the rest of this entry »

Bus, Train, and Ferry oh, my!

 One of the ORCA card ads state:  “For whatever pod you travel in… bus, train, or ferry…”   Earlier this month, I used all THREE modes of transportation in one day to visit my Whidbey Island friend, Janice.  What an adventure! 

A one-way summary of the trip follows: 

  • Sound Transit (bus 594) from the Lakewood Station to 4th and Cherry in downtown Seattle ($3.00) 
  • From that same stop, the Sound Transit 510 goes to the Everett Station ($3.00) 
  • Everett Transit bus route 18 through Everett, via Broadway, then on to the Mukilteo ferry dock ($.75)
  • The Washington State Mukilteo to Clinton ferry walk-on passenger  ($4.10)

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A gardener’s paradise in Woodinville

As Master Gardeners, Gail and I decided a trip to Woodinville was in order.  Our destination:  Molbaks, an extraordinary garden store and nursery. Besides the usual good things about traveling by bus, (gas and parking costs, I-5 anxiety, etc)  we wouldn’t be tempted to buy too many plants and other garden goodies!   

We decided to drive to the Lakewood station (Exit 125/Bridgeport Way) in order to give us more time options for our return trip.  Taking the 10:33 am Sound Transit 594 took us to downtown Seattle (4th and Union) by 11:55.  Gail used her ORCA card for the first time.  The ORCA card is so convenient… no digging up the correct cash and/or coins, and the card reader tells you the cash balance remaining on your card.  The ORCA card is the ONLY payment method that recognizes “transfers” if you ride more than one bus. Read the rest of this entry »

A first bus ride!

The littlest Rebel-by-bus took his FIRST bus and train ride this past week. Max, my seven month old grand nephew, was visiting from Fairbanks. He, his Mom, Grandma, and I drove to the Lakewood Station to catch the 10:00 am bus. I used my ORCA card, Polly and Sarah paid $3.00 each. As soon as Max was settled on his Mom’s lap, he was wide-eyed and gazing out the big window. He was a very happy little one all the way, smiling and giggling at anyone who smiled at him. We arrived at approximately 11:15 at 4th and Seneca in heart of downtown Seattle. We were greeted at the Westlake Mall area by a woman handing out free daffodils… a gift from the Pike Place Market, to celebrate the first day of spring.

We met family and friends for a pleasant lunch at the Seattle Art Museum (1st and University) TASTE restaurant. Fun and inventive food (beet cake?!), at a reasonable price. We toured the Calder exhibit (mobile maker extraordinaire) at the SAM, then strolled the Pike Place Market, which is two blocks north of the SAM. The daffodils in window boxes along the roofline of the Market were in full bloom.

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