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    Mary Williams, lead Rebel…

      Growing up in the suburbs of Seattle/Puget Sound area in the 50’s, I rarely saw a city bus, except in downtown Seattle or Bellevue. I was transported in a car to get to and from anywhere.

During the last few years of my work life, I started taking a bus from Olympia to meetings in Seattle. I quickly realized that traveling by bus was MUCH cheaper than using a car (gas and parking alone), AND I could read, listen to music and/or work while enroute. What a relief to be relaxed and stress-free when arriving at a meeting and home again!

I have broadened my Rebels by Bus horizon by planning and leading escorted public transit trips through the South Puget Sound Community College, and Senior Services of South Sound.  It’s exciting to witness people becoming confident and excited about the many adventures one can have using public transit!

Mary lives in Lacey.

Gail Johnson, the Rebels by Bus co-Founder with Mary, has “retired” as a Rebel by Bus activist.  She was instrumental in making the Rebels by Bus dream a reality.

Her personal experience with public transit has strong roots.  In her words:  “I grew up in that bedroom community outside of Manhattan known as Queens. Public transportation was the main mode of getting around and I was riding subways by myself since I was 12-years-old. Whether I was headed to Central Park to go ice-skating or to the Museum of National History, the subway gave me tremendous independence.

My first trip on the bus to Seattle was to a Mariner’s baseball game with Mary. What a delight to avoid the traffic and enjoy the scenery on the blue-sky day to watch a Mariner’s victory in extra innings.

Update: I  moved to Portland in June 2011. It is easy to get around using Tri-Met and the Max. I have posted only a few trips for those of you who visit Portland.   Sadly, I am a fair-weather traveler–which means I don’t do much leisure travel when it rains. I lack Mary’s sunny-weather magic. But I have a bunch of trips on my to do list for this spring-fall, so stay tuned. My favorite thus far is The Grotto–an easy one-bus trip from downtown.

I also have just published a new book, which has nothing to do with a bus.  Trailblazing Governors: Six Remarkable Women tells the stories of six of the nine women elected between 1974 and 1993.  I found them inspiring and amazing. Read more about them at my new blog:Trailblazing Governors


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