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Seattle’s historic Paramount Theater

Liz shares her experiences as a Rebel by Bus guest blogger… featuring the beautiful Paramount Theater in Seattle.  (Thanks, Liz!)

A group of 11 boarded the 605 bus in Lacey, switched to the 594 bus at Lakewood and stepped out in downtown Seattle with a short walk to lunch at the Blueacre Seafood restaurant.   Luckily, it was Seattle Restaurant Week so there was a great deal on a 3 course lunch that everyone chose to take part in.   All options were chosen, and all proclaimed delicious!

We arrived at the doors of the Paramount Theatre at the exact planned time and found we had not 1 but 4 guides for our tour.   Each talked for about 15 minutes about their special topic before tag-teaming the next person in.   We zigzagged through the history of the theater organ, the unique moveable seats (did you know the main floor can be rearranged infinite ways?), the stage, under-stage storage, backstage, dressing rooms with jetted tubs, the opulent décor of the lobby and the auditorium,  the player piano that returned home, and the library.  Financial ups and downs are part of Paramount’s history as well.  We learned about  local chanteuse Ernestine Anderson the Paramount’s most recent savior Ida Cole, without who’s support the Paramount would likely no longer exist today.

For anyone who wants to learn more, tours are free for groups of 10 or more arranged ahead of time, and this webpage gives a brief overview and also links to a book one of our guides Lynn Thrasher wrote about the history of the Paramount Theatre.  Several of us bought a copy for ourselves.

A quick simple bus ride home changing again in Lakewood, and we all called it a day well-spent.  I know I will appreciate the next show I attend there even more now.



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