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Issaquah and Boehms Chocolate factory

Living in the Puget Sound area, you may have seen this Swiss Chalet building on the east side of Highway I-90, as you drove through Issaquah.  This is the home of Boehms Chocolate Factory.

Getting to Issaquah by bus was easy (see specific directions under the “trip direction” section, to your right).

Once we arrived in Old Town Issaquah we scattered to find a place to eat lunch.  After lunch we headed to Boehms, a couple blocks from Front Street, up Dogwood Lane.

Before our scheduled 2:00 pm tour ($5.00 for adults) many of us “previewed” the goods.  The tour itself was very interesting and informative.  We saw and heard all about the process of making chocolate candies… and, yes, we sampled along the way!

The candies are a work of art, don’t you think?

After the tour of the factory, we were invited to visit the home of the founder of Boehms, the late Julius Boehm.  He lived in the Chalet, above the candy shop.  His home was filled with art work, as well as memorabilia depicting his many and wide interests.  Among other notable artifacts was the Olympic Torch that he carried in the 1924 Olympics.  After visiting his home, we went next door to the beautiful Chapel. This lovely chapel seats 50 people, and has beautiful hand painted murals inside.  Many weddings take place here.  After a wedding ceremony the bride and groom are invited to ring the bell…we were treated to hearing that lovely sound!

Our trip home went smoothly, and included the ever-popular Sounder train from Seattle to Lakewood.

Thanks, Rebels, for another great trip!

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