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Puyallup’s Meeker Mansion

The predicted stormy weather didn’t deter the Rebels who adventured to Puyallup to visit the magnificent Meeker Mansion.  Ezra Meeker was Puyallup’s first mayor, one-time Hop King and self-appointed Champion of the Oregon Trail.

This beautiful 17 room Italianate Victorian Mansion took three years to build, and was finished in 1890.  In many ways this house was ahead of its time… closets in the bedrooms, indoor plumbing, and speaking tubes throughout the house.  Ceilings lights were prepared for either gas or electricity.  Tall ceilings lent themselves to exquisite accent painting.  Two of the beautiful, ornate bedsteads belonged to Meekers.

The room on the right is a picture of the informal first floor parlor.  There is a foot pump organ on the right, as well as an ornate fireplace, which was prevalent in every room.  The rooms let in lots of natural light, which is very desirable on our gray days.

After our delightful 90 minute private tour ($5,00 for adults; $3.00 for seniors), the group was ready for lunch.  We all choose Crockett’s Public House, located at 118 Stewart, a short walk from the Meeker Mansion.

One highlight of this trip was that we took the 10:15 am Sounder train from Lakewood to Puyallup.  This mid-morning run has been operational since the fall of 2016.  On our return trip, we travelled as far as Tacoma where we caught out bus returning us to Olympia.

The Meeker Mansion is well worth a visit.  They hold many special events, such as teas and holiday gatherings.  They are known for their Christmas decorations.  For more information:

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