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Seattle’s Bullitt Center and Culinary Arts Academy

bullitt centerThis past week fifteen Rebels enjoyed visiting Seattle’s Bullitt Center, the greenest commercial building in the world.  That’s quite a feat!  During our hour-long tour we viewed the many unique and interesting features of this amazing building.  For instance, the roof (notice the extended roof line in this picture?) holds 575 solar panels.  With our warmer-than-usual summer and recent mild winters the building has been able to give back power to the City’s power grid.

gardenThe outside of the building is thoughtfully designed.  All water runoff must be filtered and remain on the property.  This is an example of the plantings used to absorb the rainwater.  The large trees in front of the building are in the triangle park – McGilvra Park, which invites neighbors as well as Bullitt building inhabitants to sit and enjoy the outdoors.


The entrance to the building has impressive very tall windows.  The floor is simple concrete.  The wall in the right of this picture captures the creation of the building in snapshots.


stairsThe central stairway is meant to be welcoming, and encourages the use of the stairs rather than the elevator which is not visible when you enter the building.  The stairs are beautiful wood which definitely adds to the welcome.

One interesting fact:

The composting toilets do NOT smell… and they use only 3 tablespoons of water plus foam to “flush”.

For more information about this impressive building see:

The other very popular element of this trip was lunch at the Seattle Central College’s Culinary Arts Academy.  Rebels first visited the Academy in February of this year and raved about the meals.  The same was true with this group!  Very good service, excellent presentation, and delicious food… all for a very reasonable price!  Many of us “shopped” at the College bakery (another program of the Culinary Arts program) when we were leaving the building.  What great prices!  And yummmmm.

This trip was a grand success… we had to start a wait list since it was so popular.  The good news:  This trip will be repeated through SPSCC on February 23, 2015.  Check the website to get details.  Registration starts soon!


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