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Sea-Tac Airport and Columbia City

welcome signOver the years, many Rebels have asked about using public transit to get to Sea-Tac airport.  This trip featured that very journey.  Sound Transit route 574 picked us up from the Highway 512 Park and Ride transit center, and dropped us off on the far south end of baggage claim level of the airport.  After exiting the bus we trekked to the farthest north end of the terminal, to the last escalator down to the pedestrian overpass (#6) that connects to the parking garage.  From there, we kept to the left (north), following signs to the Light Link Train.

art at link stationOur first stop on the train was Columbia City, a Seattle neighborhood in the Rainier Valley.  In the early 1900’s Columbia City was a city apart from Seattle, but was later annexed to Seattle.  This area is the most ethnically diverse neighborhood in Seattle, and has undergone (and is still undergoing) major revitalization.  Small ethnic restaurants abound.  The lovingly-maintained Carnegie Library is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. A brief history of the area, accompanied by pictures, provided a nice welcome at the train platform.  Lovely abstract art is embedded in the concrete wall surrounded by greenery.

gardensThe Columbia City historic district is 3 blocks from the train.  Walking through the residential neighborhood was rewarded by views of beautiful gardens.

As we entered the business section of town on Rainier Avenue South, we split into smaller groups to browse restaurant options.  Several ate at the Thai restaurant, and other ate at a small Ethiopian café.

After lunch there was time to browse the street, checking out the library, Green Eileen, and other shops.  Columbia Park is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood, tucked behind the Library, bordered by Edmonds Street.  Park benches looked especially welcoming on this sunny day.

link trainWe met back at the train platform, catching the next northbound train to the International District station.  From there, we crossed 4th Avenue to the Sounder train.  Our ride home was pleasant, complete with full-on views of THE mountain.  Rebels continues to experience great weather karma!

Thanks, Vicki, for sharing your photos of this trip!


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  • Randolph Lindblad says:

    How did you get from Martin way park and ride? was it #605? or does 574 go to Martin way now?

  • admin says:

    Yes, bus 605 on weekdays. 620 is the weekend bus (but same route).
    The 574 comes as far south as the Highway 512 park and ride (where the Rebels group boarded a couple weeks ago)


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