Rebels By Bus

Slow Travel With Low Carbon Footprint

Proctor District, Tacoma

metropolitan marketRebels by Bus clearly advocates using public transit for fun, cheap, and green day trip adventures.  I think another purpose has emerged… finding and trying new places to eat.  Rebels regulars are definitely foodies!

The bus stop where we exited the bus was right in front of the amazing and wonderful Metropolitan Market (at 24th and Proctor).  Entering the store through a lovely and colorful display of flowers, one enters into a cheese and deli wonderland.  We all walked in circles with our mouths open….around the huge salad bar, hot dish lines, soup station (I think there were are least 8, if not 10 choices!) .  I could go on, but you get the idea?

After lunch, there was time to explore the business district, which is a compact two blocks.  Lots of fun…examples include Blue (upper end Goodwill store), Compass Rose (yes, same owners as the Olympia store, but bigger!), and Chirp and Company, (a garden accent and wild bird supply store.)

The day started out overcast and chilly, but by early afternoon blue sky and sun prevailed.  We ended up missing the original bus we had planned on for our return trip… thank goodness for the laid-back nature of Rebels.  We just sat enjoying the sun and each other’s company.   foss waterway

On our return trip to Tacoma we exited the bus by the Museum of Glass on Dock Street.  From there we climbed the stairs circling the Museum “hot shop” stack.  About half way up the stairs, you can see the Foss waterway.  We continued up to the pedestrian overpass (over Highway 705) that has a marvelous display of glass.  glass wallThe roof of the overpass is stuffed with Chihuly-type glass pieces.  I’ve heard this display referred to as “Chihuly’s attic”, since it’s overhead.  It’s hard not to run into people as you’re gazing at this wonderful exhibit.

The walkway ends up at Pacific Avenue, next for the State History Museum.  We had about 30 minutes to explore the nearby area before our bus arrived.  The weather was perfect for an iced coffee!



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