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Springtime on campus

university-of-washingtonLove those crisp-blue-sky-with-fluffy-clouds spring days in the Pacific Northwest.  April 2nd was one of those days!  Twelve adventurers headed to the University of Washington Campus  to visit the Burke Museum and Henry Art Gallery, both which were free on this first Thursday (April 2nd) of the month.

I handed out maps of the University of Washington campus, and suggested a “loop” route to take in the Burke Museum, as well as the famous “Quad” (where the cherry trees are located), the beautiful Suzzullo Library, and Henry Art Gallery.

When we first arrived on the “Ave” (University Way), we exited at 43rd, and drifted off to find a place for lunch.  The Ave has DOZENS of small, hole-in-the-wall ethnic restaurants.  A few of us selected Samir’s Mediterranean Grill, located at 1316 NE 43rd St., which is a storefront off University Way.  We all enjoyed our meal… most of us had the Gyros Plate, with very generous serving size, tasty, and reasonably priced.

cherry blossoms u of wAfter a satisfying lunch, it was time to explore the campus.  We had hoped that the cherry blossoms of the Quad would still be in bloom.  (The picture on the left is what they look like…)Alas, our early spring dashed our hopes… the trees had already leaved out.  However, the gorgeous, proud buildings in the Quad were worth looking at.  We studied one of the buildings (built in 1917) which featured many unique gargoyles perched high on the building.

Next stop was to visit the amazingly beautiful Suzzullo Library.  After entering the front door from the red brick plaza, we walked up the “grand staircase” (aptly named) past stories-high leaded glass windows.  Behind us was the HUGE reading home.  A picture is worth a thousand words… breathtaking!  suzzullo library

Every element of this room is a work of art… the stained glass, ceiling detail, hanging lamps, carved wooden bookcases.  Wow.  I decided to take in the ambiance and read there for an hour.  So calming….

After an hour, I was ready to re-emerge into the sunshine.  Several groups of what appeared to be potential students were gathered around a student guide.  It was fun to witness that energy and dreamy look of a college-bound youth.  Ah, those were the days!

We all met up again on the Ave to catch our bus home.  The bus stop (at 41st) was very crowded, and we didn’t all get on the first bus.  No worries, that route has a bus coming along every 10 minutes or so.  We came back together at the International District, next to the Amtrak Station.  From there we walked to the Sounder train, departing on the 4:32 train.  Unfortunately, the train had to stop for an extended time in Sumner… but, the good news is we weren’t driving and in a standstill on I-5.

All agreed the day on campus was a grand adventure!

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