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Theo’s Chocolate factory

This week’s Rebels trip had an unusual occurrence:  it rained!  I recall it’s rained only on three Rebels trips in the past 2 1/2 years; we have good weather karma.

All news reports promised total gridlock on the notorious I-5.  We were lucky… not only did we leave the driving to the professionals, the traffic was not too bad.  Each of our “legs” getting to the Fremont district of Seattle were on time!

pcc marketVisiting the “center of the universe” (as Fremont likes to be known), is always a treat.  Fun small shops, quirky public art, and lots of choices for restaurants.  We were ready for a hot lunch by the time we arrived in Fremont at noon.  Most of us headed to the wonderful PCC market – which has an overwhelmingly HUGE deli.  Anything you could imagine is there!  It took awhile to browse the selections.  There is a large outdoor covered area (with heaters) where we gathered to eat. (Darrell reported that the Red Door Café, down the street on 34th was very good).

After lunch, several of us walked a few blocks to visit the infamous troll that lives under the Aurora bridge.  On the way, we spotted the three Billy Goat Gruffs, and I recited a paraphrased version of that fairy tale (as it relates to the troll and the bridge!)   Next on the public art stroll was the seven ton statute of Vladimir Lenin.  Yes, only in Fremont!  We caught a glimpse of The Rocket, a 1953 Cold War remnant.  Poised to the side of The Rocket is the planet Saturn.

theos doorNext up:  what we’ve all been waiting for:  Theo’s Chocolate Factory Tour.  Theo’s was the first fair trade-organic chocolate maker in the world.  The one-hour tour is very informative and includes LOTS of sampling.  From the observation room, all steps in the process (from bean to bar) can be viewed.

The confection room is special.  This is where all of Theo’s NON-bar products are produced.  We sampled the seasonal special:  apple cider caramel.  The pear-balsamic was excellent also.  At the end of the tour, each one of us received a bonus:  a special commemorative full size bar!  We had time to shop in the retail store before heading back to catch our bus.

rainbowBus connections on the way home were excellent.  Traffic was slow in spots, but not at a standstill.  This double rainbow at the Highway 512 Park and Ride greeted us as we waited for our last bus to take us home to Olympia.



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