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Lake Quinault Lodge

side view of lodgeThis summer I led two groups to the lovely and serene Lake Quinault Lodge located on the Olympic Pennisula.  Abundant sunshine was present on both days.  The Lodge was build in 50-some days (!) in 1926.  In 1937  U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt visited the Lodge.  He was delighted by the area, and fought to create the Olympic National Park to preserve the unique rain forest beauty of the area. Speaking of rain, the picture below (Thanks, again, Vicki!)

quinault rain gaugeis of the rain gauge which records FEET of rain.  The all-time record is 15 FEET.

This is an easy two bus trip with Grays Harbor Transit. This bus trip originates at the Olympia Transit Center.  The bus passes through the little towns of Elma, McCleary, and Montesano on the way to Aberdeen.  In Aberdeen there is time for a short break before boarding the next bus which drops passengers across the street from the Lake Quinault Lodge.

The Roosevelt Dining Room at the Lodge (named after F.D.R) has huge windows facing the lawn and Lake.  (Part of the dining room is visible in the picture above).  Many of us ate at the Lodge Dining Room, but several ordered a take-out lunch from the Quinault Mercantile, located across the street from the Lodge.

Those who wanted to walk off some lunch calories took a stroll alongside the lake for about a mile.  It was a pleasant walk, where we witnessed the moss-draped trees, as well as spots of sun.  We stopped to enjoy a cool spot where a bridge crossed over a small creek.  On one of the return trips we were treated to a small squirrel nibbling his way through a fir cone.  He seemed very content to let us watch him… from less than five feet away!

Sitting in the Adirondack chairs on the sloping lawn was so peaceful.  Huge purple-blue hydrangeas were a perfect backdrop.  Ah… summer in the northwest! lake quinault lake


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