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Alderbrook Inn and Lady Alderbrook cruise

IMG_1752In mid-August I led a group (from Senior Services for the South Sound) to the lovely  Alderbrook Inn destination resort on Hood Canal in Union.

This picture was taken on that day by Vicki.  Hood Canal is sandwiched between the large expanse of green lawn in the foreground and the Olympic Mountains in the background.

lady alderbrookAt the far right of the picture above is the Lady Alderbrook.  On the right is a close-up picture of her aft.  (Did I use the correct sea-worthy word?)   During July and August, the Alderbrook Inn offers a 90 minute cruise on Mondays and Wednesdays.  The narrator is a local historian whose great-grandparents homesteaded in the area in the 1880’s, before Washington became a state.  Local history, as well as information about the flora and fauna and the Hood Canal is shared. The picture below is a view from the Lady Alderbrook.

hood canal from boatIt’s an easy trip to get to Union.  The Mason Transit Authority runs a bus (Route 6) from Olympia to Shelton.  From downtown Shelton we transfer to a bus taking us directly to the Alderbrook Inn.  That leg of the trip (within Mason County) is FREE!  Amazing… and only one of two transit systems in the state that offers free rides within their county boundaries.  (The other transit system is Island Transit, serving Whidbey and Camano Islands).

It was actually hot on this day; sunscreen was in order.  But, we certainly didn’t complain!

As always, get the specific directions for this trip at the “trip directions” section of the blog.

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