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BOLT bus from Seattle to Bellingham

bolt busFollowing is a report from Rebel Rex about the BOLT bus from Bellingham to Seattle.  A previous post spoke of the BOLT bus, an express bus connecting Eugene-Portland-Seattle-Bellingham-Vancouver BC.  No, they don’t stop anywhere between these cities. BOLT prides itself on being clean, fast, comfortable, and cheap.  The buses have Wi-Fi AND a toilet.  Bonus!

You can buy tickets on line at

I definitely plan to use the BOLT this summer to go to Bellingham and Vancouver BC.

The BOLT bus in Bellingham is at a major transit center.  It was a little late, and I had “first time anxiety”, but it arrived about 8 minutes after it was due.  Larger bags went under the bus, carry on was just fine.

The bus loaded in Group A and Group B, then everyone else.  The group is part of the reservation number, apparently, but I didn’t know how that worked initially, and didn’t realize (at the time) I was in group B.

The bus was clean, there was a double power outlet at each pair of seats, and they advertise WiFi, but it wasn’t working.  At least my phone stayed charged.   There is a bathroom at the back, a nice touch for the older set.   The Bellingham bus was mostly college age riders, with only 2 of us closer to the “senior” category.   I enjoyed the experience.  It was $10 in advance (plus $1 processing fee), $15 at the door.  Well worth it.   The driver was friendly, competent…all went well.

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