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I do believe it’s time for another adventure!


rbb_100_sq (100x100)Stephanie R. is today’s guest blogger…an experienced Rebels by Bus adventure seeker!  I love having other Rebels write about their experiences.  You, too, can be a guest blogger!  Thanks, Stephanie!


Have you seen the poster that reads, “I do believe it’s time for another adventure?”  That’s exactly how I feel whenever I have been on a ‘Rebels by Bus’ field trip.  This time I went to “Seattle to Bainbridge Island via Ferry.”

We met at the Martin Way Park & Ride in Lacey to catch a bus to Lakewood and then transferred to another bus, which took us into Seattle.

Once we arrived in Seattle, we walked through a part of Pioneer Square that I hadn’t seen in a long time.  That is one benefit to taking public transportation…seeing different areas that you normally do not see.

We reached Pier 50 to take the Bainbridge Island ferry to Winslow.  What a great view of the city of Seattle!  I spent the ride over to Bainbridge Island reading the newspaper and free tourist information that was available on the ferry.  So many places to explore!

We spent several hours on the Island.  I ate a quick, but tasty, lunch at Town & Country Market as soon as I arrived in town.  It was fun to walk the streets of Winslow to visit the many shops that were open.  I enjoyed looking in the art galleries, perusing books at the bookstore, and even found a few gifts in several of the unique shops.  I treated myself to a dish of Dark Chocolate Mint ice cream at Mora Iced Creamery.  Delicious!

All too soon, it was time for the return ferry ride to Seattle. This time it was fun to visit with other “Rebels” as we relaxed in our seats, before taking the Sounder Train and another bus back to Lacey.

I didn’t travel too far from home, but I had seen beautiful scenery, met new people, and visited interesting places.  I had an adventure!

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