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Lake Quinault Deja Vu

Ten SPSCC Rebels by Bus adventure-seekers travelled to Lake Quinault Lodge earlier this month.  It was a glorious blue sky and sunny day.  Most of us brought sack lunches; the weather was perfect for eating and lounging on the deck behind the Lodge.  Some of us explored the trail along the Lake, and then trekked through the woods and the nature trail.  The rushing stream was refreshing; the ferns and other vegetation were lush in the shade.

The best part of the afternoon was sitting in the Adirondack chairs on the sloping lawn in the “back yard” of the Lodge.  The lake was sparkling; the sun was shining.  Another bonus:  there are no motor boats on this peaceful Lake.

Trip details are outlined in the RBB post of September 2010.  For a GRAND adventure, which includes Lake Quinault Lodge, consider taking a THREE day public transportation extravaganza… the Olympic Loop.  That trip is outlined in the March 2010 RBB post.

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