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Mindfulness via bus

“Mindfulness” is nothing new.  Based on Buddhist teaching, when one is mindful you are aware of your breathing and silence.  You are HERE.  NOW.  No ruminating about the past.  No fretting about the future.

Transfer this state of bliss to real life:  TAKE THE BUS!  Seriously.  Let me explain using my experience from this past week.  My calendar this last week was busy.  On top of it all, I needed to go the South Puget Sound Community College… clear across town from my home, to sign papers for the “Rebels by Bus” class that I’ll be teaching summer quarter.

Instead of driving, I took the bus.  I caught Intercity lindsey lohan pokies Transit bus 62B near the Martin Way/Marvin Road intersection, ending up at the downtown Olympia Transit Center.  I noticed I was relaxed and just letting the world glide by as I listened to gentle music on my MP3 player.

Magically, the 62B turns into Bus 43 at the downtown transit center… the very route to get to SPSCC.  Getting back to my origination point was just as easy and non-stressful.

Yes, the bus trip took a bit longer than a car trip.  But for a $2.00 day pass, I completed my errand, AND a chance to tune out of my whirlwind schedule.  Now, that’s what I call Mindfulness!

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  • William C Bonner says:

    How do you get a $2 day pass?

    I’ve got an orca card as an epurse because it handles transfers for me, but even my trip to the flight museum yesterday cost me $2.25 each way.

  • admin says:

    Good question! I wasn’t clear in my post. The all day pass was within the Intercity Transit (Thurston county) system. The ORCA card is not used by Intercity Transit, so I would guess that you were using Metro, Pierce County, and/or Sound Transit for your trip?
    Metro doesn’t have day passes, it appears from their website. Pierce County has a daily pass ($4.00) for weekends only. I guess that would have saved you 5o cents?

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