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The Grotto in Portland

A place of solitude, peace, and prayer.

Built in 1924, the 62-acre garden was designated a National Sanctuary  in 1983. Deeply forested, the main plaza is set alongside a cliff in which an alter was constructed. This area is free to the public. For a small fee ($3), visitors can take an elevator to the upper gardens. The meditation chapel overlooks a spectacular view of Mount St. Helens. The garden paths wind through shrines,  various chapels, statues, a peace garden and labyrinth.


A very serene and meditative retreat that feels far away from a city.

Located at: NE 85th and Sandy Boulevard





This is an easy bus trip:

From downtown Portland, catch Bus # 12 on W. Burnside and SW 6th Avenue.

(From Sellwood, catch Bus 70 and get off on E. Burnside and 12th Avenue, and then hop on Bus # 12).

The 12 stops in front of the Grotto. (To get back into the city, # 12 bus stop is across the street).



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