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Asian Market update

As a followup to the October Asian Market tour with Pranee Halvorsen…

Yes, we DID cook dinner, using two of Pranee’s recipes.  My favorite dish was her Kabocha squash soup (with Shitake and oyster mushrooms, and thai basil).  We also cooked Thai Chicken Fried Rice.  To round out the meal we had spring (fresh) rolls as an appetizer, as well as stir fried baby bok choy and snow peas.  The six of us had a grand time; lots of chatter and laughter.

Now for the good news:  south Puget Sounders:  you don’t have to travel to Seattle to find ingredients for your favorite Asian recipes.  There is a wonderful Asian market in Lacey!

The Hong Phat Market (at 1107 College Street, the corner of Pacific and College Buy Cialis) has a large produce section, as well as dry goods and meat.  I’m especially impressed with the produce; both the quality and price.  As of yesterday, the sugar snap or snow peas are $3.59 a pound, far less than local chain grocery stores.  A large package of baby bok choy is $2.69.  Thai basil is $1.00 a bundle.  Juicy limes are 20 cents.  The market carries Kafir lime leaves ($1.00 a package), as well as lemon grass, Kabocha pumpkin squash and green papaya….plus much more.

I think Pranee Halvorsen ( would be impressed with the selection at Hong Phat.  They even carry Mae Ploy brand coconut milk, one of Pranee’s favored brands.  All of Pranee’s fans and students from the Bayview School of Cooking will appreciate this market!

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