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2010 Public Transportation Conference

The 2010 Washington State Public Transportation Conference was held this past week (September 19 – 22nd) in Spokane.  The conference’s theme was “Building Momentum; serving people, connecting communities”.  Great concepts!  Kudos to the State Department of Transportation (Public Transportation Division) and all conference sponsors for providing an opportunity to share knowledge and ideas. 

Gail and I facilitated a workshop which was described in the conference program as “share their ideas, experiences and blog to inspire efforts to increase LTE – a.k.a. leisure trip expansion – in your community.”  We were gratified that workshop participants attended (standing room only!) and were impressed with the Rebels by Bus concept and  blog. 

Many attendees shared their experiences of HGH their community efforts, as well ideas to improve and expand the RBB.  We were encouraged to take some trips in Eastern Washington, such as the Grape Line which is a bus run between the Tri-Cities (Pasco) and Walla Walla.  Another suggested trip was to take the Amtrak Empire Builder train to Leavenworth, and then take the bus to Wenatchee and Lake Chelan.  What fun!  We plan to take both of these trips this coming spring or summer when daylight hours allow a more scenic trip.  As always, we’ll post our adventures on the blog. 

One of the younger workshop attendees suggested that we create a  Rebels by Bus Facebook page.  OK…stay tuned for that!

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  • Ryan Warner says:

    Great presentation Gail and Mary. Thank you for bringing this prospective to the public transportation conference

  • admin says:

    we appreciated all the great ideas that the workshop participants provided us. Mary and I now have a long “to do” list that will help us continue to get the word out that there are lots of places to go by bus. We hope that folks will also send us their write-ups of their leisure bus adventures.
    Cheers! Gail

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