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Beat the Heat! Trip to Westport

Westport is the quintessential northwest coastal village. Located on the Southside of the mouth of Grays Harbor, it sits across from Ocean Shores. The active fishing harbor with ample walkways is across the street from shops and restaurants. A lookout tower and a paved pathway through Westhaven State Park leading to the Westport Lighthouse, which was built in 1898, is at the end of Westhaven Drive.

 Traveling to Westport is an easy two-bus trip from Olympia. We hopped on the 9:30 am Grays Harbor Transit bus number 40 in Olympia to go to the Aberdeen Transit station. We arrived at 11:05 am.  To get to Westport, we would catch the Grays Harbor Transit number 55 leaving at noon. 

 With some time between buses, we headed to the Popcorn Café on 101 E Wishkah for some tea and a gluten-free pastry. This is a very friendly place that sells popcorn in a variety of flavors– Chicago, Caramel, Butter Toffee, Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Caramel– to name a few. We purchased some for our trip. 

 While chatting with the owner and some customers about our rebels by bus adventures, they recommended the One Eyed Crab restaurant in Westport. 

 With popcorn in our backpacks, we headed back to the transit station to catch the bus to Westport. It was a scenic 40-minute ride past cranberry extenze in stores bogs and the Westport Winery.

 The bus dropped us off at the dock on Westhaven Drive, just across the street from the One Eyed Crab. The fish and chips were excellent!

 After lunch we walked to the end of the Westhaven Drive and got on the path to the park. We watched surfers for a while and then returned to the dock, where we saw many people with crabbing gear hoping to catch their dinner.

 We stopped to buy ice cream cones as we made our way back to the bus stop.

 The return trip was a bit confusing because Westport also had what it calls a deviation—bus 56 that provides local service.  However, we wound up at the Wesport/Grayland park-and-ride to catch bus 55 back to Aberdeen at 4:15 pm.

 Back in Aberdeen, we had a 30-minute layover. Restless, we walked across the street from the transit center where we saw the Star Wars Shop. We went in.  Owner Don Sucher opened the shop in 1995 and it is chock-a-block full of Star Wars memorabilia, including magazines, figurines, posters, and models. This is a must see place, more museum than retail store.

We caught Grays Harbor Bus number 40 at 5:30 and were back in Olympia at 7pm.

The total cost for the bus: $6.00 ($3.00 each way).

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  • Richard says:

    Someone else did the trip before I did!

  • admin says:

    It’s a really fun day trip, Richard. I highly recommend it!


  • Jordan says:

    Awesome, a friend and I want to do some “transit adventures” and we were thinking about do this. And since Star Wars was basically my childhood we have to check out the Star Wars Shop.

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