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Beat the Heat! Trip to Ocean Shores

Weather is different on the coast. We left the 90-degree heat and sunny skies of Olympia to find the fog bank once we got near the Pacific Beach.  The air was cool but pleasant as we walked in the gray mist. Children were digging in the sand and sandpipers searched the shoreline for treats. As we were leaving, the fog started to lift and we could see blue sky.

 Ocean Shores is an easy 2-bus trip from Olympia.  We took the Gray’s Harbor Transit bus route 40 to Aberdeen’s transit station where we transferred to bus route 50. This bus goes through Hoquiam Station and then does a loop that goes through Moclips, Pacific Beach, Copalis Beach, Ocean City, North Beach Casino and Ocean Shores.

We got off at the Chance A La Mer Beach, which is in the center of the beach area. There is a local shuttle (Route 51) that goes between Chance A La Mer and the Ocean Shores Marina—but we decided it was time to walk on the beach.

 The buses were crowded and we were not the only ones who were purposefully traveling to the beach. People were friendly and helpful, especially to the travelers with disabilities. The buses are set up to accommodate people with wheel chairs and travelers were quick to help adjust the seats and secure the wheel chairs.

 While there are some set bus stops, the drivers also stop for those who flag it down and drop people off along the route as directed by the travelers.  Rural routes work this way.

 We left Olympia Intercity Transit station at 9:30 am. Route 40 bus went through McCleary, Elma and Montesano before arriving at the Aberdeen Station at 11:05.  We had a short wait before catching the Route 50 bus at 11:30. We arrived at Ocean Shores at 1:05.  We caught the Route 50 bus at 3:20pm, which stopped at the Hoquiam Station at 4:30pm for a short break. We walked around Hoquiam and visited several antique shops near the transit station before re-boarding the bus heading west at 5:10 pm. We arrived in Olympia at 7:05. 

 Cost:  $4 round trip.

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