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The Olympic Loop: Day Three-Back to Olympia

Getting up to watch the sunrise was rewarded. The Keystone Ferry made its dawn run and the rowers seemed small against the purple Cascades in the distance.

We had a wonderful breakfast at Salal’s Café and visited the Jefferson County Historical Museum at 540 Water Street.  They had jail cells in the basement—a scary place. As we walked back to our hotel, we stopped in at Imprint Bookstore and Phoenix Rising (a metaphysical book shop).

 We then started our way back to Olympia. The Jefferson County bus # 1 to Brinnon went through Port Haddock, Port Ludlow, and Quilcene. The bus was full, picking up high-schoolers along the way.  It was a good thing that we let the driver know that we were planning on transferring in Brinnon. She made an unscheduled stop, so she called ahead to let Mason Transit know we would be late. We arrived at Brinnon behind schedule but our connecting bus was waiting for us. At the Shelton Transit Center, we caught the bus back to Olympia.

Day 3: Travel Details

Jefferson County # 11 (Water Street) to Port Townsend Transit Center. ($2 all day pass)

Port Townsend Transit Center: Jefferson County Transit # 1 to Brinnon (free with pass)

Mason County Transit  # 8 from Brinnon to Shelton Transit Center. ($1.50)

Shelton Transit Center: Mason County  Route # 6 to Olympia Transit Center ($1.50).

                    Total Time: 3.30 hours

 Olympia Loop Trip Bus Cost Summary: 

          Day 1: $4

          Day 2: $4

          Day 3: $5

          Total:  $13

Bus Websites:

Grays Harbor Transit:

Jefferson County Transit:

Clallam Transit: 

Mason Transit Authority:

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