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The Olympic Loop: Day 2 Forks to Port Townsend

Day 2: Forks, Port Angeles, Sequim, Port Townsend

We got up early to enjoy a lovely hot breakfast at the Inn before walking the few blocks to Main Street to catch the 9:30 a.m. Clallam bus to Port Angeles. We discovered that while buses stop for passengers in the rural areas wherever they are, buses only stop at bus stops (yellow and white curbs) in cities.

 We walked down to the Transit Center and caught the Clallam bus # 14 at 11:00 a.m. to Port Angeles. We bought a day pass for $2.  The fog was lifting around Lake Crescent and the driver stopped to picked up hikers near the Lodge.  We arrived at the Gateway Transit center in Port Angeles (just a few blocks from the Victoria ferry dock—a future destination for another trip) in time to catch Clallam bus # 30 to Sequim.

 Once we arrived in Sequim, we had a few hours to wait before catching the bus to Port Townsend. We walked two blocks from the transit station to downtown Sequim. We had a great lunch at the Sunshine café, browsed at the Pacific Mist bookstore, and visited the Museum and Arts Center before catching the Jefferson County # 30 bus to Port Townsend.

 We arrived at the Port Townsend Transit Center and jumped on the # 11 bus to the Palace Hotel on Water Street. This is a refurbished old Victorian hotel with a brothel past. It is good that we just had backpacks as our room, the Miss Ruby, was on the third floor and there were only stairs. Our room captured the turn-of-the century ambience and we had a view of the harbor from our window.

 Port Townsend is called the City of Dreams because people choose to live here and create their work. It was a promising port in the mid-1800s and the old Victorian homes and a castle evidence its onetime wealth. However, the railroads chose to connect to Tacoma and Seattle, leaving Port Townsend to languish. Artists and hippies arrived in the 1970s and they are given credit for revitalizing the town. They restored the historic architecture and created a vibrant culture attracts tourists. The downtown and uptown areas boast diverse stores and upscale restaurants with stunning views.

 Once settled into the hotel, it was time for tea at Better Living through Coffee café on the water to gaze at the wooden boats moored in the harbor.  Then it was off  to Sirens for drinks and a light dinner on the upstairs deck to watch the sky darken.

Bus Travel Details:

Forks Transit Center: Callalam Transit Route #14 to Port Angeles Transit Center.($2 all day pass)

Port Angeles Transit Center: Callalam Transit Route #30 to Sequim Transit Center (free with pass)

Sequim Transit Center: Jefferson County Transit # 8 to Port Townsend Transit Center ($2 pass).

Jefferson County—local bus # 11 to Water Street, downtown Port Townsend.

Total Time:  6 hours (with 3.5 hour layover in Sequim)

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