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Yelm—Traveling to the Edge of Thurston County

Traveling to Yelm is easy—just hop on Bus 94 from Olympia’s Transit Center. Buses leave about once every hour and within 45 minutes, I was in downtown Yelm. Unlike our other trips, this one was to meet a professional editor at the Blue Bottle Espresso Café to talk about publishing books. 

The major stops along the way are the Amtrak station and Red Wing Casino. I got off in downtown Yelm but the bus continues a bit futher, ending at Walmart

 The City Hall welcomed people with a sign that encouraged them to shop locally. There is a small downtown area with a diverse array of shops and restaurants along Yelm Avenue, including Gordon’s Garden Center. They are ready for spring, with flowering plants and trees as well as unique yard art. Tim’s Pharmacy serves as a general store, with gifts, cards, toys and an extensive selection of Truffles.

 There is a community park and a small group of shops on 1st street where I found Jody’s, a small restaurant that serves breakfast all day.  The Yelm Food Coop is a few doors down and they carry baked goods from Olympia’s Bread Peddler and San Francisco Bakery as well as from Main Street Cookie Company from Rainier.

 I saw a sign for the Yelm Historical Museum and another for Yelm’s Prairie Museum but I had not allowed enough time for visits.

 I headed to The Blue Bottle Espresso shop, which is across the street from Gordon’s. This is a sweet place that feels like home. It is clearly a gathering place in the community. It has a bulletin board covered with flyers for many events. It hosted a writers meeting the night before and Thurston County Commissioner Sandra Romero meets with citizens there once a month.

The Blue Bottle was a very comfortable space to talk over coffee. Sara Steinberg, who provides a wide range of editorial services to would-be writers, provided useful advice about getting published ( Who knows–maybe Rebels By Bus will eventually become a book!

 Then, it was back home to Olympia.

 Bus Costs:  $1 each way, total: $2

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