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Surprising Shelton

A small town 35 miles northwest of Olympia, Shelton was once served by a small fleet of steamboats that were part of the Puget Sound Mosquito Fleet. The local industry is still centered on lumber and forestry products, but commercial shellfish harvesting adds to the economic diversity. Small shops and first-class restaurants contribute to the vitality of the downtown area.

 We arrived at the Shelton Transit Center, which is located in front of City Hall. The heart of downtown Shelton is along a 5-block stretch of Railroad Avenue, just one block west. In addition to the Shelton Museum, restaurants and unique locally-owned shops, public art and art walls capture its history.  

We browsed in the Sage Bookstore before going for lunch. After considering several option, we decided on Steven’s as our lunch spot. It proved to be an excellent choice: fine dining at a reasonable price.

Walking along Railroad Avenue, we saw the Simpson logging train out front of the Post Office. Inside, a WPA-era painting captured logging with oxen.  Throughout the town were metal sculptures as well, some serious, some whimsical.

Window-shopping our way back to the Transit Center, we stopped in at the Olympic Gallery, which had interesting work from many fine artists. Lynch Creek Farm and Floral had fine gifts and home décor items. Before heading back to Olympia, we had homemade blueberry pie and some tea at Nita’s Koffee shop.

 This was an easy car-less trip and there was more than enough to do as a day trip.

How to get there:

 Olympia Transit Center: catch the Mason Transit Authority bus # 6 to Shelton Transit Center.

 Return Trip:  Shelton Transit Center: catch the Mason Transit Authority bus # 6.

 Check website for exact schedule:

Mason Transit Authority:

 Cost:  $ 2 each way,          Total $4 round trip

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